It’s Just a Drop in the Ocean

”It might just be a drop in the ocean, but what would the ocean be without those drops”

I came to a point in my life where I realized that moments happen. But what would life be without those moments? Our lives are made up of moments and lessons that have helped us grow and become what we are destined to be. These moments form who we are and how we see life, what steps we take next and the path we chose to follow. Even the smallest moments have a huge effect on our overall self, even if we dont see it at first.

It has been a goal of mine to capture that famous water drop photograph. Yet I never tried as I didn’t have the confidence in myself to achieve it, until one day I decided “fuck that” – if I don’t try I will never know. 

So I Googled for days, gathering tips, tricks and how to’s and eventually got my act together to give it a go. 

I didn’t have all the “fancy” equipment the Web suggested, so I improvised and made a rough, if yiu can call it that, set up.

Bowl of water, under a tap, set to drip slowly. Camera on tripod, thumb suck settings. Ready set and go. Took hundreds of photos before I got the timing right.

BUT it just wasn’t cutting it for me. It was average and kinda boring. So I roped my other half into the fun to drop food colouring into the bowl instead of the dripping tap….. better but still not wow

I then went back to Google for more advise and came across a post that suggested milk. It was more visible, thicker density, why not. 

This time I set up knowing what I needed to achieve. So a bag filled with milk and a small hole to allow dripping, into a dish filled with milk. Black backdrop to help the white milk POP. Camera on tripod, thumb suck settings and this time I added a light. 

A fee tries to get the timing right and I finally got something I was proud of. Not amazing but a definite improvement. 

Add a bit of food colouring and it gives it that POP I was after. 

happiness finally 🙂 


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